Age Difference – age difference between husband and wife – Mian Bivi Ki Umer me Farq

By | November 4, 2016

I sometimes hear from wives who are very disappointed that their marital separation is not going as well as they might have hoped. Many had anticipated that the separation would make their husband miss them and, as the result, would bring them closer together. However, unfortunately, sometimes the opposite happens and the wife finds the distance only growing.I heard from a wife who said, in part: “when my husband was pushing for a trial separation, he said that being separated would probably make us miss one another like crazy. Watch video in link below

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He repeatedly promised that he would keep in close contact with me on a daily basis. And he made it sound like, although we would be living apart, we would still be spending time together and he would still represent to people that we are husband and wife. Well, unfortunately, the opposite has happened. The phone calls certainly aren’t an every day occurrence. In fact, I often have to take the initiative and call him. We have seen other a couple of times, but it’s certainly not a planned or reoccurring thing. The other day, I happened to run into my husband at a coffee shop by our house. He was there with one of our mutual friends. I felt certain they he would motion for me to join them, but he just waved at me and then continued.