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By | October 17, 2016

Do you know that men need more than love if they are ever to see you as “the one?”It’s true. Many women are stunned when a relationship they taught was great, ended because the man wanted to move on. Why do men stay with one woman for years, then leave her to marry another woman shortly after?When we were growing up as women. Watch video link in below

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or years, then leave her to marry another woman shortly after?

When we were growing up as women, we are taught about the fairytale of prince charming. So many women get into relationships with their boyfriends and believe because their boyfriends are with them, that he’s going to make the next step to want to marry them.But this simply isn’t true. And if you check the stats, you will see how much hurt and pain many women go through when they realize that they’ve been with their men for sometime but he’s no where near wanting marriage.Men don’t grow up with the ideas of being prince charming.