Biwi Ka Ghussa Bardast Karna Chahiye Isliye Ke Umar RA Bhi Apni Biwi Ki Dant Sunte

By | November 14, 2016

Most people will admit, when pressed, that they do have a temper. Each individual has a different degree of anger within them and it’s often brought to the surface when things completely go awry. In a marriage that can differ slightly. Some women, who have been married for a time, seem to struggle with keeping their anger under wraps. They walk through their days with a scowl on their face and a bitter word for just about everyone, including their husband. Being married to a woman like this isn’t easy. In fact, it can make staying married that much harder. If you’re tired of trying to deal with a wife who always seems. Watch video in link below

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mad at you, it’s time to make some much needed changes. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to consider a separation, or more seriously, a divorce. It does mean you need to take more control of the situation and shift your wife’s whole frame of mind back into a more positive place.It’s very easy for a man to jump to the incorrect conclusion that his wife’s anger is stemming from her discontent with the marriage. That’s not necessarily what is going on at all. Many women, like men, cycle through a period in their lives when they feel disgruntled. They feel that their dreams haven’t been fulfilled or they sense that their goals will never be reached. Many people refer to this as a mid-life crisis but it can realistically occur at any time within a person’s life.