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All sexual problems , and issue for husband wife relationship to make better

Main Tumhain Talaq Deena Chahta Houn

So your wife said she wants a divorce. And you don’t want one. Your first instinct might be to convince her that she needs to stay and work on your marriage. After all, you have plans together. You have hopes and dreams for the future. You have a family. And you love your wife. Even… Read More »

Biwi Ka Ashiq

Adulthood has been identified to be the happiest life stage there is. It encompasses different exciting but solvable life challenges, lots and lots of opportunities for a far better life if your life is already at its good side, and of course, the kind of happiness marriage offers.Yes, not everyone is happy with their marriages,… Read More »

Pregnancy ke liye Sex ka Sahi Waqat awr Tareeka

Culture tends to dissociate expectant mothers from sexuality, so there is less talk about the topic of sex during pregnancy. Many women find that sex becomes uncomfortable as their bodies get larger. Not only because of their size but also because of they are preoccupied with the impending delivery and the excitement of becoming a… Read More »

Do Biwiyon ko Aik sath hambistari krna

Men everywhere are doing all kinds of things to try to get their wife to be sexual with them. They have washed the dishes until they gleam. They have worn the handle off the vacuum cleaner. They have washed the clothes until they are thread-bare. They have bought their wife all kinds of jewelry. That… Read More »