Kya Aurat Bathroom Me Baal Khule Rakh Kar Ja Sakti Hai By Adv Faiz Syed

By | November 11, 2016

According to the amount of money and the number of products available, male hair loss seems to be a major issue for men. They see it as an important factor in their appearance. But how important is it actually to women? What is the weighting of the “hair factor” when it comes to whether or not a woman finds a man attractive and a possible candidate for a mate. Watch video in link below

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To men, hair loss equates to getting old and losing virility. Of course a man wants to appear attractive to the opposite sex and a full head of hair is more attractive than a receding hairline or widow’s peak. But in a man’s mind, the loss of hair signals the decrease of virility. It is like an advertisement that they will not be as able to satisfy their partner sexually or possible are less fertile than their fully maned comrades. Hence a man can, to varying degrees, lose his confidence when he is approaching women. That is why some hair restoration clinics will advertise one of the benefits of their techniques as an increased confidence with women.