shehr be Libas aise shehr jahny libas pehenna jurm

crime rate in every major city in the United States on the rise, not only do we need to be physically ready, we also need to be mentally prepared in case we come face to face with a criminal. Violent crimes such as, rape, sexual assault, aggravated assault, armed robbery, home invasion and carjacking are… Read More »

bevi shore ki ghair Shaista adat ko chorne aise jaga chali gee

The relationship between a husband and wife are usually complex, and many married couples do not understand the dynamics of the relationship they are in this is the cause of many failing relationships. For a really strong marriage they both need to understand how the dynamics of a husband and wife relationship works. The key… Read More »

Rapid Fire Round With Atif Aslam

Many people choose their Nerf gun based solely on its looks! This however is not always the best idea! First of all, all Nerf guns look extremely cool with their slick designs and bright, eye-catching colors!There are way more important factors than looks to take into consideration when buying a Nerf gun! First of all,… Read More »

Pathan Mazdoor Video on “Break Up” Song Going Viral

Sad breakup songs have an amazing power of arousing emotions, digging in for those lost moments never to be forgotten. These are the memories you wouldn’t give up for anything on earth and it’s splendid how the words in the songs along with its soothing tunes can make you live your past again and realize… Read More »

Rizaq ki tangi dar se abortion krwana kya jayez hai?

Translation is the growing trend of today due to the rise in globalization and localization. This is the important key to unlock the door and enter into the global market. Despite its importance, there are many myths being spread among the folks against translation. Some believe that investing in translation is utterly a waste. They… Read More »

Mooay Mubarik

It turns out that God gave His Kingdom to the parakeets, the deer, the bear, the horses and the skunks, to all His other critters and creations; oceans and streams, trees and flowers, mountains and meadows; rain, wind, lightning, hail and thunder, to all things of His creation but not to the people,” the archangel… Read More »

Ap ka Shohar Jise Din Yeh Kaam Shoro Kar Da Is ka Matlab

your intuition is telling you that your husband has started an adulterous affair, you need to do a bit of investigative work. Women’s intuition is a very powerful thing. When our husband starts to pull away, even ever so slightly we begin to wonder what is going on. If you suspect that your husband has… Read More »

Yeh dehshat gard bhi PML N per bohut meharban hain, jaisay hi inke khilaf kuch hone lagta hai, dhamakay shuru ho jatay hain – Arif Bhatti

As a result of the increasing pressure from the International Monetary Fund which is one of the most magnificent donors known to provide funds to various countries to make their economies survive, the Pakistan Cabinet finally resigned recently. IMF or International Monetary Fund has been continuously pressurizing the PPP-led Pakistani government since long ago to… Read More »

PMLN Ticket Holder Sadaqat Ali Jatoi from Dadu (Sindh) Join PTI

Pretrial intervention programs may be an option for people charged with felonies or misdemeanors. The Salvation Army administers the program for those charged with misdemeanors and the Florida Department of Corrections supervises the program for those charged with felonies. Florida Statutes sections 948.08 and 948.16 govern the administration of PTI.Who is eligible to enter PTI?… Read More »

Imran Khan Reached Hayadabad Medical Complex After Blast

The problem is: how to conserve and restore delicate materials such as leather or vellum books, paper books, documents, archival records, art works and textiles after water damage once they have mold without damaging the object. Most of the commonly used mold treatments such as regular heat sterilization, methyl bromide, ethylene oxide and ozone bleaching… Read More »

Nakaam Mohabbat Asl Mohabbat Hay

One Sunday, while still depressed from yet another love affair gone south, I came across a quote from Wolfgang Goethe: “If I love you, what business is it of yours?” A lightning bolt struck me as I realized that being in love has nothing at all to do with the other person. It’s like saying… Read More »

mayra Gang rape kiye gaye

Rape is a social evil that has reached explosive proportions. It has ruined many lives and continues to do so at a frenetic pace. No one is immune, and age is no bar. From infants to senior citizens to corpses, rape has become a diabolic symbol of power in an iniquitous world. In USA, a… Read More »

Biwi Ka Ashiq

Adulthood has been identified to be the happiest life stage there is. It encompasses different exciting but solvable life challenges, lots and lots of opportunities for a far better life if your life is already at its good side, and of course, the kind of happiness marriage offers.Yes, not everyone is happy with their marriages,… Read More »