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Shadi mai mushkil aur Rukawat ka hal aik mujarab amal

My husband has been very angry with and disappointed in me for almost a year. I made a stupid mistake and lost my job. It’s caused a lot of stress. I worked very hard to get another job, but the one I have pays no where near what the other one did. My husband was in school and he had to cut back on his schooling because of finances. Watch video link in below



Video Link:http://wp.me/p7PtNj-Bl

We fought all of the time because of this. I should have been more apologetic. He says that he doesn’t think that he can ever love me again. He says that he just wants a fresh start and to start over in his life. This has devastated me. I can’t believe that he would stop loving me over a change in my job and financial situation. Things used to be so good between us. I can’t believe how far we have fallen. Is a man ever wrong about his ability to love you again? I find myself rejecting what he is saying and still trying to hold out hope that eventually, he could find some love for me once again. Is this even possible? Or am I just fooling myself.

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