sharamgah k mamly mai wo gunnah jinhy mamooli samjh lia gya hai

By | October 19, 2016

Religions have used sex as a tool to make people conform to their laws. Because it is a natural and almost uncontrollable urge, especially in young men and women, it is fundamental to getting them to comply with the notion of ‘marriage’ as a sacred act. It is no more sacred than growing plants in one’s garden and no more considered a so-called sin by the real God. Watch video link in below

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than the keeping of a pet. Only in religious eyes is there ‘evil’ attached to it.Every animal on earth and many plants reproduce sexually and there is no logical reason why humans are not of the same order and design. As it is almost impossible for men to remain celebrate the facts speak for themselves. While Catholic priests pretend to be so most of them fail and is the reason why many are charged with paedophile related offences.